Apr 1, 2024

Faculty News for March 2024

CHRIS ANSON Over spring break, Chris Anson collaboratively ran a 2.5-day seminar for 19 early-career researchers focusing on mixed-methods research in writing studies (with Tiane Donahue of Dartmouth; Magnus Gustafsson of Chalmers University, Gothenburg; and Theresa Lillis, Open University, UK). […]

Mar 1, 2024

English Graduate Student News, February 2024

Kacey Cooper (MA candidate in Rhetoric and Composition) organized a public event to celebrate the anniversary of poet Langston Hughes’s 1949 trip to Wilson. Her “Hughes in Wilson, NC” was both previewed and covered extensively by The Wilson Times. The event covered all the locations Hughes […]

Mar 1, 2024

Faculty Notes for February 2024

BELLE BOGGS Belle Boggs was interviewed on NPR’s Here and Now about the recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling concerning IVF. DAUN DAEMON “At three” and “Between the Sheets”—two poems from Daun Daemon’s book, A Prayer for Forgiving My Parents—were selected for the […]

Feb 2, 2024

Faculty News for January 2024

CHRIS ANSON Chris Anson’s chapter “Dimensions of Transfer and the Role of Multimodality” appeared in Multimodal Composing and Writing Transfer, edited by Kara Poe Alexander, Matthew Davis, Lillian W. Mina, and Ryan P. Shepherd (Utah State University Press). DAUN DAEMON & […]

Jan 1, 2024

Faculty Notes for December 2023

PAUL COLBY Paul Colby will serialize his novel When the Man Dances on his Substack in 2024. Starting January 7, he will add a new chapter each week. Subscriptions are free. CATHERINE MAINLAND Catherine Mainland’s essay “McGonagall’s Elephant” was a semifinalist in the TulipTree […]

Nov 30, 2023

Faculty Notes for November 2023

CHRIS ANSON On November 3, Chris Anson presented “Implications of the NSSE Study for Supporting Writing in All Disciplines” to the Teaching with Writing Obermann Group at the University of Iowa. HELEN BURGESS Helen Burgess presented “Empty Your Pockets: Imaginal […]

Oct 31, 2023

Faculty Notes for October

CHRIS ANSON During fall break, Chris Anson conducted an external review of the Sweetland Writing Center at the University of Michigan. DAUN DAEMON Black Coffee Review published Daun Daemon’s poem “No matter the details.” ANNA GIBSON Anna Gibson was made […]

Sep 30, 2023

Faculty Notes for September

CHRIS ANSON Chris Anson and co-editors Christian Rapp, Otto Kruse, Kalliopi Benetos, Elena Cotos, Ann Devitt, and Antonette Shibani have just published their 500-page, 50-author book, Digital Writing Technologies in Higher Education: Theory, Research, and Practice (Springer). Thanks to the […]

Aug 31, 2023

Faculty Notes for July/August 2023

CHRIS ANSON In July, Chris Anson presented the findings of his survey research on students’ reuse of their own writing at the annual conference of the Council of Writing Program Administrators in Reno, Nevada. Anson and co-editor Pamela Flash received […]

Jul 1, 2023

Graduate Student News for May & June 2023

David Palko has accepted a position in the PhD program in English at Duke University. This summer, he will attend the University of Virginia’s Rare Book School to participate in a seminar on Law Books: History and Connoisseurship, which will […]