Faculty Notes for October


During fall break, Chris Anson conducted an external review of the Sweetland Writing Center at the University of Michigan.


Black Coffee Review published Daun Daemon’s poem “No matter the details.”


Anna Gibson was made a DELTA Faculty Fellow for 2023-24. Her work for this fellowship will focus on the use of social annotation tools like Perusall to promote close reading and collaborative analysis in in-person and online courses.

She also presented a paper titled “‘An unnecessary infliction of pain on the reader’: Teaching Hard Texts in Hard Times” at the Victorians Institute Conference (October 7–8).


Marsha Gordon was on The Missing Chapter podcast (October 3) and was a guest on the YouTube show Hollywood Kitchen (October 6).

In Los Angeles, Gordon discussed Becoming the Ex-Wife with Cara Robertson at Chevalier’s Bookstore on October 4; gave a talk at the LA Public Library (Central Library) on Oct 5; delivered an “Ursula Parrott in Hollywood” lecture at the Hollywood Heritage Museum on October 7; and introduced Leftover Ladies (1931) at the Hammer Museum for UCLA Film archives.

In New York, she gave a talk at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center, on October 26 and a talk at the Lamb’s Club in Manhattan on October 27. She introduced Next Time We Love (1936) at the Museum of the Moving Image on October 28.

At the urging of some younger and hipper folks Gordon met in Los Angeles, she started an UrsulaParrottAuthor Instagram account, perhaps well timed since Faber has announced the forthcoming publication of Parrott’s 1929 best-seller Ex-Wife globally and translation into multiple languages in 2024.


On October 14, David Rieder presented his paper “Explorations of Rhetorical Schemes with LangChain and OpenAI” at the 2023 SUNY Council of Writing Conference, which focused on “Writing, Thinking, and Learning with AI: Exploring Relationships of Rhetoric and Artificial Intelligence.”


John Stadler presented “Biopolitical Escapism: PrEP and the Transformation of Bareback Sex into Raw Porn” at the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present conference (ASAP/14), which was held In Seattle.

At the Sex Pan!cs conference In Dublin, Stadler presented “Abuse: Cinematic Complications in Arthur J. Bressan’s Portrait of Gay Hebephilia.”


John Wall delivered a paper on “Inventing John Donne: Temptations of the Biographer” at the 80th annual meeting of the Southeastern Renaissance Conference, hosted by UNC-Chapel Hill, September 29–30.

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