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Linguistic Profiling – with linguist John Baugh

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February 8 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Dr. John Baugh of Washington University in St. Louis will be tackle the use of language and linguistics in justice and discrimination in a talk titled “Linguistic Profiling, and other uses of linguistics for legal purposes” as part of the NC State Linguistics Colloquium series. Dr. Baugh is a renowned linguist and the founder of the concept of linguistic profiling, based on research in the US, Brazil, the Caribbean, English, France and South Africa. His most recent book is Linguistics in Pursuit of Justice and his current research is devoted to  finding ways to use linguistic science to advance equality and to improve the human condition. Baugh is also an associate producer of the documentary, Talking Black in America

Dr. Baugh is currently the Margaret Bush Wilson Professor in Arts and Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. 

Abstract: People who speak with a strong dialect or accent are sometimes denied goods or services by phone; they fall prey to linguistic profiling when these denials are discriminatory, and perhaps illegal. This presentation describes the formulation of linguistic profiling, including accounts of various legal circumstances where scientific analyses of language have been vital to solving crimes. Instances of housing discrimination, employment discrimination, as well as different murder trials are described. In each case, linguistic analyses were beneficial to the resolution of a crime, while promoting the pursuit of equal justice under the law. The presentation concludes with policy recommendations to advance effective and ethical forensic linguistic analyses. 

This event is free and all are welcome.



February 8

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Caldwell G111
United States
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NCSU Linguistics Colloquium