Graduate Student Notes for October 2020

Two MA/Literature concentration students delivered papers at the Southeastern Renaissance Conference, which was held at Mercer University:

Meg Sanders, “’The house received all ornaments to grace it:’ Cavendish, Lanyer and the Cavalier Ideal of Bonum Vitae.”

Madison Storrs, “Come Dawn: Reframing the Aubade in John Donne’s ‘The Sun Rising’ and Robert Herrick’s ‘Corinna’s Going A- Maying.’”


Distinguished Capstone Award winners for 2019-20:

MA Competition

Kate Burt, “You Are What They Tell You to Eat: Re-evaluating the Role that Food Labeling Genres Play in Developing Food and Nutrition Literacies”

Kelsey Dufresne, “Follow the Bees: Sylvia Plath and Dorothea Dix Park, A Study on the Economics and Landscapes of Madness”

Allison Eggerth, “Handling Diversity in ASL Interpreter Training Programs”

Austin Horne, “African American Metamodernism: Percival Everett’s Watershed and the Oscillation of (Dis)affection” 

Bethany van Scooter, “’Whose Job is Writing Anyway?’”: An Institutional Ethnography of Graduate Writing at NC State University

MS Competition:

Karin Doyle, “The Value of Artificial Intelligence in Chatbot Development: The Key Role of the Technical Communicator”



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