Faculty Notes for December 2019


With Gwendolynne Reid, Chris Anson published “Public- and Expert-Facing Communication: A Case Study of Internet-Mediated Citizen Science” in Science Communication on the Internet: Old Genres Meet New Genres, eds. Carmen Pérez-Llantada and María José Luzón (Amsterdam: John Benjamins).

Anson’s article with Ian G. Anson and Cary Moskovitz, “A Text-Analytic Method for Identifying Text Recycling in STEM Research Reports,” has been published in the Journal of Writing Analytics (vol. 3, 2019).


Daun Daemon’s poem “Trying on swimsuits at 59” is included in the anthology Is It Hot In Here Or Is it Just Me?: Women Over Forty Write on Aging, published in December by the Beautiful Cadaver Project Pittsburgh’s Social Justice Anthologies division.


Marsha Gordon’s documentary Rendered Small played at the National Gallery of Art on December 14.  

In February, Gordon’s latest documentary, All the Possibilities…Reflections on a Painting by Vernon Pratt, will screen at festivals in Palm Springs and San Francisco.

In January, Gordon will present two book/screening events for her recently published Screening Race in American Nontheatrical Film (co-edited with Allyson Nadia Field): one at the Hammer Museum of Art (UCLA) and another at USC.

Her interview with Margaret Parsons,”On the History (and Future) of Art Documentaries and the Film Program at the National Gallery of Art,” was recently published in Documenting the Visual Arts (Routledge 2019).


Tony Harrison presented “A Point of Reference: Liberty, Prosody, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Promethean Slave” at the 2019 Victorians Institute Conference, held in Charleston, SC.


At the December graduation, Hans Kellner, as Chair of the NC State Faculty, served as Chief Marshall for the fifth time. He has now carried the University Mace to lead the platform procession more often than anyone else.


Chelsea Krieg’s poem “Callinectes Sapidus” was published in the fall 2019 issue of Greensboro Review.


Juliana Nfah-Abbenyi presented “Land of My Dreams” on a Cameroon Issues special panel sponsored by the North American Association of Scholars of Cameroon at the African Studies Association annual conference held in Boston, MA.


Four of Allen Stein’s poems — “A Pat-down at Dallas-Fort Worth,” “Evensong,” “A Room with No View” and “Herman Melville, Customs Inspector Number 188” — were published in the Delmarva Review (volume 12).


On November 7, Tim Stinson gave a lecture on “Biocodicology: How Life Sciences Can Unlock Secrets of Medieval and Early Modern Books” at the UNC Med-Ren Colloquium.

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