Jenkins & Vause Presented at The Popular Culture/American Culture Association in the South Conference

Austin Jenkins and Katelyn Vause, our MA literature concentration graduate students, presented their paper last month at The Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association in the South Conference in Wilmington, NC.

Vause shared, “The conference was small and had a fairly relaxed atmosphere, with lively discussions about panel subjects, which ranged from WWE to Creative Writing, after each panel was completed. I presented my paper, “Tame Goddesses and Wild Witches: The Women of Oral HistoryBig Fish, and Serena” in a Southern Culture panel with three other scholars. This was the first graduate conference I’ve ever traveled to, and I’m happy to say I had a positive experience and enjoyed listening to other scholars talk about their research.”

Jenkins expressed, “I was fortunate enough to present at the Popular Culture / American Culture Association in the South Conference in Wilmington, NC at the end of September. It was a great learning experience where I was able to not only present my own research, but interact with other scholars in similar fields and discuss their interests as well. I presented my paper “Mina the Vampire Slayer: Femininity, Courage, and Her Legacy” in a Popular Culture research panel titled “Television: Prophesy, Legacy, and Paradox.” This trip would not have been possible without the support from NC State’s English Department, whose funding and encouragement helped in travel expenses. I am really grateful to NCSU’s English Department for this and the PCAS/ACAS for this great opportunity.”

Congratulations to Jenkins and Vause on their achievement!

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