Burt Presented at 2019 Comics and Popular Arts Conference with DragonCon

Our MA rhetoric and composition concentration student, Kathryn Burt, presented her paper in the Comics and Popular Arts Conference with DragonCon at Atlanta, Georgia early last month.

She shared her experience presenting “How do you want to do this?: A Critical Narrative analysis of Dungeons & Dragons” below:

Presenting my research on the discursive power dynamics in Dungeons and Dragons at CPAC/DragonCon 2019 was one of the best conference experiences I’ve had.  While working with Dr. Boloynai on this project enabled me to get the theoretical tools I needed to grapple with the complexity of tabletop RPG spaces, being able to present my work to and have conversations with people who are regularly participants in these spaces gave me insights into my project I would not have had otherwise.  Additionally, since my project largely focused on player agency and how Dungeon Masters or even other players use discursive strategies to exert narrative power, having the opportunity to share my work with the community of people it most affects (tabletop RPG players) and using that work to begin a conversation about making tabletop RPGs accessible spaces gave my project more significance than it otherwise would have had as a simple term project.


Congratulations to Burt on her achievement!

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