Technical Communication Association Hosted SpeedCon 2019 – Diversified

On April 19, 2019, the Technical Communication Association led by President, Esther Kentish, hosted its annual unconference, SpeedCon 2019 – Diversified.
The event welcomed over 89 guests and was the TCA’s annual knowledge exchange gathering to promote the latest trends in the field of technical communication while simultaneously serving as information architects aiming to reconnect with over 40 years of shared knowledge, history, and experiences from the world’s leading experts!
The best and the brightest were visible there.
Professor of Technical Communication, Dr. Jason Swarts , gave an amazing keynote over How We Make Technical Knowledge arguing that by re-orienting ourselves to the production of social and technical knowledge as a pragmatic process of social construction, we can arrive at a way to critically examine our everyday practices and see whether they  account for the range of knowledge, experiences, and identities that characterize contemporary situations calling for the application of technical knowledge.
The event featured several wonderful Workshops and SpeedTalks. We were joined by those who thrive to water and nurture the tree of technical knowledge to help harvest our technical community with strong expertise. We aimed to address some of the world’s technical problems with the world’s strongest and most innovative solutions. I was so excited to be surrounded by patent holders, inventors, gate keepers, professors, subject-matter-experts, and students. The TCA Executive Board Khawar Khan (VP), Jianfen Chen (Treasurer), Sydney Sample (Secretary),  Summer Walls (Event Coordinator), Ayana Sadler (Social Media Specialist), Chenxing Xie (Committee Representative), and Kelia Ray (GSA Representative) all served on the SpeedCon Organizing Committee to make the event possible.
The TCA Faculty Advisor, Dr. Huiling Ding, said “We look forward to making SpeedCon 2019 even better!”
Check out more information on the event and organizing committee here.

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