Stories From Mar 2019

Mar 21, 2019

MFA Alumnus Wins Prestigious Writing Prize

Poet Tyree Daye, who earned his Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from NC State in 2017, is one of 10 recipients of a 2019 Whiting Award, one of the largest and most prestigious awards given to emerging writers in…

Mar 21, 2019

Bryant, Colin, Levchenko, and Jenkins Presented at 40th Southwest Popular American Culture Association Conference Conference

Our MA Film Studies students Phillip Bryant, Mariana Colín, Darya Levchenko and Austin Jenkins presented their research last month at the 40th Southwest Popular American Culture Association Conference in Albuquerque, NM. Their academic trip was financed from the individual English Graduate Travel Awards granted […]

Mar 21, 2019

Displacement Is Part of the Experience

Displacement is part of the reading experience. It happens every time we stumble upon an allusion or reference outside our body of knowledge.

Mar 21, 2019

On the Value of Poetry

Poetry is a communal act: it is one human being addressing other human beings in a full expression of shared experience.

Mar 21, 2019

Poetry is a Thing with Feathers

Along with music and dance, poetry is one of the old arts. It walks with us through history, always present, whether we are aware of it or not.

Mar 8, 2019

Chen, Khan, and Xie Presented at 8th Annual Symposium in Communicating Complex Information Conference

Our MS Technical Communication students presented their research at the 8th Annual Symposium in Communicating Complex Information (SCCI) at Louisiana Tech University last month. SCCI 2019 aims to explore how the design and presentation of complex information affect how humans use […]

Mar 2, 2019

Graduate Student Notes for February 2019

Peter Andrews and Marie Bissell, both first-year MA linguistics concentration students, presented at the Linguistic Society of America and American Dialect Society conferences in January. Andrews presented “Gender Differentiation of Ruralness in Southeastern Ohio,” and Bissell presented “The Phonology of Intrusive [l]” and “The Role of […]

Mar 2, 2019

Faculty Notes for February 2019

DAUN DAEMON On February 28, Daun Daemon’s poem “When Mama Sang ‘Mockingbird Hill'” was published by Peeking Cat Poetry. ROBIN DODSWORTH Robin Dodsworth has been named a University Faculty Scholar. MARSHA GORDON Marsha Gordon won a National Humanities Center award […]