Graduate Student Notes for May/June 2018

Ina Cariño’s creative nonfiction piece “Spam Stigma: An Open Letter to White People” was published on May 7 by VIDA Review. Cariño’s poem “Feast” was the winner of the Sundress Publications 2017 Poetry Broadside Contest. The broadsides are available for preorder.

Emily Cataneo’s essay “A Letter to My Parish” was published by Slate on June 25.



English Department 2018 Distinguished Capstone Awards

These projects will be nominated for the 2017-2018 CHASS Capstone Award competition, which takes place in September.

MA English

Matt Sarda (Elaine Orr): “Inverted American Heroes: Challenging the Trauma Hero Myth”

Cecilia Tomasatti (Agnes Bolonyai): “Same Route, New Immigrants: Identity Practices and Forms of Belonging among Recent Italian Immigrants in the U.S.”

KellyNoel Waldorf (Agnes Bolonyai): “‘the Virginia Woolf Cubs or something like that’: Identity Construction and Symbolic Power through the Social Labeling of GSM Women”

MS Technical Communication

David Mueller (Jason Swarts, Doug Walls, Susan Katz): “The Transmedia Workbench”

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