2018 Distinguished Capstone Awards

Four English graduate students have received 2018 Distinguished Capstone Awards from the English Department. These projects will also be nominated for the 2017-18 Humanities & Social Sciences Capstone Award competition, which takes place in September.

MA English

Matt Sarda (Advisor: Dr. Elaine Orr)
Inverted American Heroes: Challenging the Trauma Hero Myth

Cecilia Tomasatti (Advisor: Dr. Agnes Bolonyai)
Same Route, New Immigrants: Identity Practices and Forms of Belonging among Recent Italian Immigrants in the U.S.

KellyNoel Waldorf (Advisor: Dr. Agnes Bolonyai)
“the Virginia Woolf Cubs or something like that”: Identity construction and symbolic power through the social labeling of GSM women

MS Technical Communication

David Mueller (Advisors: Dr. Jason Swarts, Dr. Doug Walls, Dr. Susan Katz)
The Transmedia Workbench

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