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Graduate Student Notes for April 2018



Emily Cataneo’s creative nonfiction essay “The Berliner Who Evaded Arrest” was published in Off Assignment.


A number of graduate students and faculty members presented at the Southeastern Conference on Linguistics (SECOL), held April 19–21 in Blacksburg, VA:

Marie Bissell, “‘Bitch we are not stuck in 2005’: Stancetaking, Chronotopes, and Ideological Identity in Reactions to Imitations of American Regional Accents”

Katherine Conner, “When Violation Goes Viral: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Social Media Comments on Sexual Assault in the ‘Real’ World”

Robin Dodsworth (plenary session), “What Network Structure Can (and Can’t) Reveal about Linguistic Variation: The loss of the Southern Vowel Shift in Raleigh” 

Zachary Dukic, “Inclusive Pronoun Usage in the Construction of Political Identity”

Jessica Hatcher and Jeffrey Reaser, “Empowering Standardized English Learners: A Critical Language Pedagogy Intervention for Middle Grades Students”

Lawrence Naborn, “A Quantitative Study of the Dutch /tj/ Cluster Realization Among Multicultural Speakers in Amsterdam”

Shalina Omar, “‘It’s true; ain’t nobody got time fo dat’: Linguistic Subordination and the Humor of Black Speech”

Bridget Smith, “/tɹ/ and /dɹ/ Affrication across Time and Corpora” 

Cecilia Tomasatti, “Italians in the US, Italian Americans, or Italians and Americans?: Language and Identity Practices of new Italian Immigrants to the US”

KellyNoel Waldorf, “Bridging the Educational Gap with Talking Black in America: Educational Materials on Sociolinguistic Topics”

Additionally, Marie Bissell won the Reza Ordoubadian best student paper award for her 2017 presentation.  

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