Graduate Student Notes for February 2017

Arthur Berger (Technical Communication) presented “Tracing the Boundaries of Clear Language in Federal Solicitations through Verbal Data Analysis” at the 2017 Carolina Rhetoric Conference in Columbia, SC, on February 10.

Tyree Daye (Creative Writing) was accepted into the prestigious Callaloo Creative Writing Workshops. He also conducted an interview with emerging poet Brionne Janae for NC State’s Scribbling Women. The full interview will be published in an upcoming issue of The American Poetry Review.  

Arielle Hebert (Creative Writing) published a poem in 3elementsreview.

Nupoor Jalindre (Technical Communication) presented “Mapping Complex Information with Design” at the 2017 Carolina Rhetoric Conference in Columbia, SC, on February 10.

Samuel Piccone (Creative Writing) published a poem in The Boiler.  

Taylor Sykes (Creative Writing) gave an off-site reading at Walls of Books in Washington, D.C., while attending the AWP conference. 

William Walton (Creative Writing) has published two poems — “The Seminole and Sonata No. 14” in Oyez Review and “Worlds and a Wall Apart” in Chiron Review — and a piece of flash fiction, “Shucking an Oyster” in Homestead Review.

Hannah Williams (Literature) presented “Visions of Death: Reading Memorials to Brutality in Bierce and Crane” at the 2017 Nineteenth Century Studies Association Conference in Charleston, SC, on February 4.

UGSA Excellence in Graduate Teaching Awards

Following are the English Department’s six nominees for the 2016–2017 Excellence in Graduate Teaching Awards:

Arthur Berger (MS Technical Communication), Professional Writing Program
Erin Coffin (MFA Poetry), First-Year Writing Program
Karen Eisenhauer (MA Linguistics), First-Year Writing Program
Travis Price (MFA Poetry), First-Year Writing Program
Alison Rodriguez (MA Film Studies), First-Year Writing Program
Grace Taylor (MA Rhetoric and Composition), First-Year Writing Program

Graduate Research Symposium Participants

This year’s NC State Graduate Research Symposium will be held in the McKimmon Center on March 22, from 1:30–4:00 p.m. The event’s goal is “to showcase the outstanding quality and diversity of graduate-level research at NC State.” Following are the participants from our department:

MA English

Karen Eisenhaur (Advisor: Agnes Bolonyai),
“Directives in Disney and Pixar Movies: A Quantitative Analysis” 

Frankie Pennington (Advisor: Agnes Bolonyai),  
“Making a Confession: Tag Questions as Manipulative Discourse Markers”

Ari Janoff (Advisor: Robin Dodsworth),
“Third Dialect in Santa Barbara, California: An Examination of the California Vowel Shift”

Cecilia Tomasatti (Advisor: Agnes Bolonyai),
“Constructing Identity among Italians at NC State”

MS Technical Communication

Arthur Berger (Advisor: Huiling Ding),
“Poster Proposal on the Language of Competition in the Commercial Proposal Genre”

Nupoor Jalindre (Advisor: Huiling Ding),
“Visualizing Search Queries to Improve Information Design”



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