Carolyn Miller publishes articles

Carolyn Miller and co-author Ashley R. Kelly have published “Discourse Genres” in Verbal Communication (DeGruyter Mouton, 2016) and “Scientific and Parascientific Communication on the Internet” in Science and the Internet: Communicating Knowledge in a Digital Age (Baywood Press, 2016).

Miller’s “Genre Change and Evolution” appears in Genre Studies around the Globe: Beyond the Three Traditions (Inkshed Publications, 2015).

“Genre as Social Action (1984), Revisited 30 Years Later (2014)” was published in Letras & Letras volume 31.3, a special issue from the IV SIELP conference, October 2014 (published by Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil, 2015).

“Gêneros evoluem? Deveríamos dizer que sim?” — translated by L. de P. Cavalcanti, R. P. Araújo, and J. Hoffnagel — is included in Gêneros na Linguística e na Literatura: Charles Bazerman: 10 anos de incentivo à pesquisa no Brasil (Editora Universitária UFPE e Pipa Comunicação, 2015).

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