NC State linguists present at conference

A group of linguists from NC State’s program presented papers and posters at the 44th annual conference on New Ways of Analyzing Variation, held in Toronto from October 22–25:

Jon Forrest and Robin Dodsworth, “Towards a Sociologically-Grounded View of Occupation in Sociolinguistics”

Walt Wolfram, Caroline Myrick, Michael Fox, and Jon Forrest, “The Sociolinguistic Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Analysis and Implications for Social Justice”

Jeffrey Reaser, Jessica Hatcher, Jeanne Bissonnette, and Amanda Godley, “Regional Differences in Pre-service Teachers’ Responses to Critical Language Pedagogies”

Robin Dodsworth, “Network Analysis of Sociolinguistic Complex Contagions”

Amanda Eads, “The Sociolinguistic Significance of Lebanese Liquids: Production of /l/ and /r/ in Lebanese Arabic and English”

Michael J. Fox, “The Frequency of Undershoot in the Diffusion of the Low Back Merger”

Jeffrey Lamontagne and Jeff Mielke, “Perceptual Salience of Vowel Rhoticity in Canadian French”

Amy Hemmeter, “Social and Acoustic Factors in the Perception of Creak”

Eric Wilbanks, “The Development of FASE (Forced Alignment System for Español) and Implications for Sociolinguistic Research”

Jeff Mielke, Chris Carignan, and Erik R. Thomas, “Articulatory Signals from Ultrasound Video, Applied to North American English Variables”

Several NCSU alumni also gave presentations, including Clare Dannenberg, Charlie Farrington, Kirk Hazen, Tyler Kendall, Mary Kohn, Jason McLarty, Natalie Schilling, Janneke Van Hofwegen, and Lacey Arnold Wade.

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