ENG Capstone Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s ENG Capstone Award winners (and their advisors):

MA English

Eric Ensley (Tim Stinson)

Fragmentary Piers Plowman: A Description, Digital Edition, and Literary Analysis of the Poem’s Extant Fragments

Julie Schurr (Agnes Bolonyai and Susan Miller-Cochran)

“Welcome to the Distributorship!”  The Construction of Discursive Power and Manipulation in the Evangelical “Prosperity Gospel” Movement

Khaki Stelten (Chris Crosbie)

The Body-Politic in Pieces: Reflections of the English Succession Crisis through Disjointed Body Parts in Titus Andronicus, Othello, and King Lear


MS Technical Communication

Ashley Franklin (Carolyn Miller)

Risk-based sampling for inspection

Tandylyn Terry (David Covington)

Collaboration Using Google Apps: North Carolina State University First-Year Writing Program User Guide

These students were recognized at Saturday’s graduation ceremony with a certificate of distinction and a gift card from Quail Ridge Books. Their projects will also be nominated for the 2014-2015 H&SS Capstone Award competition, which takes place in September.

Well done, all!

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