English Department faculty and graduate students present at CCCC

The following English department members participated in the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, held in Tampa, FL, March 18-21:

Chris Anson — “The Risks and Rewards of Assessment: A Workshop for WPA’s and Writing Instructors” [all-day workshop] and “Intentions and Revisions: A Workshop on Responding to Student Writers” (with Nancy Sommers and Howard

Anne Auten — “Border Crossing: Interdisciplinary Vulnerability in the Composition Classroom” (panel presentation with Susanna Klingenberg and Laura Waldrep)

Stephen Carradini and Jason Swarts — “The Networked Rhetorical Situation: 3 Case Studies in Genre Change”

Chen Chen — “Introducing Digital Literacy and Engaging Students with Multimodal Composition at Two-Year Colleges” [panel presentation]

Bridget Kozlow — “Contingent Faculty and Academic Work off the Tenure Track” [panel presentation with eight other presenters from various universities]

Gavin Johnson — “Click Here For an A; or, Grade Distribution Data, Student Course Choice, and the Implications of a Grade-Driven University” [presented at the Research Network Forum]

Carolyn Miller — “Roundtable Discussion of What We Value as a Field” and “Graduate Student Career Workshop”

Susan Miller-Cochran — “20 years of Second Language Writing at CCCC” (with Paul Kei Matsuda, Tony Silva, Todd Ruecker, and Kevin Eric DePew)

Gwendolynne Reid — “A Technologized Writing Pedagogy: Teaching the Writer’s Tools in FYC”

David Rieder — “Cloud Writing: Risk and Reward of ‘Writing Together, Alone’” [panel presentation in which he discussed a Twitter-based software program that supports “writing sprints,” which he co-developed]

Joel Schneier — “‘After get in touch with literacy in this class’: WAW in the FYW Classroom with L2 English Writers” [panel presentation]

Emily Jo Schwaller —”Student Definitions of Reading”

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