NC State to host Interdisciplinary Perspectives forum

NC State will host “Rethinking Globalization and the Question of Scale: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences,” April 24-26 in the newly remodeled Talley Student Center. This symposium dovetails with the Fifth Annual Research Symposium of the CRDM program. The event includes roundtables of presentations by area faculty and graduate students and featured talks by national and international scholars, including Saskia Sassen (Sociology, Columbia), Rey Chow (English, Duke), Kathleen Wilson (History, SUNY Stonybrook),¬†Alan Latham (Geography, University College London), and Hsuan Hsu (English, UC Davis), among others. The website for the symposium will make¬†information available soon ( This event is supported by a CHASS Lightning Rod grant, the departments of English and Communications, and the CRDM program. For more information, contact the co-organizers: Rebecca Walsh (, James Mulholland (, and Steve Wiley (

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