Student Advisers Honored

Linda Williams and Roy Stamper (third and fourth from the left) were honored by the universitiy for their undergraduate advising.
Linda Williams and Roy Stamper (third and fourth from left) were honored by the university for their undergraduate advising.

When NC State recognized its outstanding undergraduate academic advisers recently, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences was well represented. Two of the five university employees who received awards for their efforts to support and encourage students were from CHASS. They will move forward for consideration of recognition by the National Academic Advising Association.

Roy Stamper, a senior lecturer in the Department of English, received the New Adviser Award. Last year, this award also went to a CHASS adviser, Christina Hobbs (Psychology).

Linda Williams, director of the Bachelor of Social Work program, received the Faculty Adviser Award. Williams is the fourth CHASS nominee in as many years to earn this university distinction, along with Seth Murray (Interdisciplinary Studies), John Morillo (English) and Jim Alchediak (Communication). Her predecessors all went on to receive national recognition.

Other CHASS advisers who have received university and/or national recognition over the past several years are Joseph Palis, 2013 New Faculty Adviser Award (Interdisciplinary Studies); Meredith Fosque, 2012 Advising Administrator Award (English); and Sandra Stallings, 2011 Barbara Solomon Advising Award (Communication).

“Given the amount of choice CHASS majors have in fulfilling their graduation requirements, advising our students is a complex task,” says Karen Young, assistant dean for academic affairs and chair of the college advising awards committee. “We are extremely fortunate to have such a large number of talented and devoted advisers to support our students in pursuit of their academic and professional goals. We are very proud of our advisers for the consistent and well-deserved recognition they have received at the university and national levels.”

The awards are sponsored by the Division of Academic and Student Affairs and Academic Advising Services.

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